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Toni Fitzgerald is an engaging and passionate motivational keynote speaker having worked in radio and with the four major television networks as well as gaining a real-world, bricks and mortar business background.   She was the marketing brains behind the most successful retail launch in Australia’s history, The Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.

Toni has been recognised by the American National Academy of Best Selling Authors and presented with the prestigious Gold Quilly Award. Toni has spoken internationally and now shares her lessons on the value of connecting with both customers and perhaps more importantly with employees and how savvy businesses are using this engagement to motivate their employees and foster initiative.


Toni Fitzgerald speaks from the heart about lessons learned from the challenges in her career – from sidekick to Humphrey B. Bear, to national current affairs TV journalist, high profile corporate marketing manager to the very ups and terrible downs as a business owner. In addition, the stories of her challenges during her time spent in Africa are funny, sad and inspiring all at once.


Not just an inspiring and motivational speaker, Toni Fitzgerald is a recognised thought leader and troublemaker who has refined the area of personal branding for business growth.  She promotes the persuasive value and power of story in business and entrepreneurism, and knows the steps necessary to achieve success in marketing through storytelling and media.


Believing that the fast and changing pace of life today has left most of us not knowing who we are and what we want… Toni says that until we can connect with our own self, we can not be happy in the job that we are doing, or the company for which we are working. “Your experiences and disappointments create your values...NOT the other way round”. 


Toni is also a passionate believer that when it comes to our working lives we should be doing what we love, and she helps CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals become the recognized Celebrity Experts in their field so they can grow their businesses faster, and love doing it!   And that is why, Toni says, the number one question on people’s minds these days is ‘What drives you to do what you do?’


As Toni says: “It’s no longer ‘business as usual’”. 




Toni’s inspiring presentations have made her a highly acclaimed Motivational Keynote Speaker.


Toni helps businesses, franchise groups, teams and associations connect and engage with each other, their employees and customers, building both goodwill, motivation and initiative that leads to sustainable change.

●      Vision, Value, Voice, Victory

●      Your Purpose, Your Values, Your Story

●      The Connection Culture

●      Motivating Teams without Busting the Bank

●      Getting to the Heart of Business

●      Connecting with Your Employees to Develop Leadership and Profit




As a Business Keynote Speaker, Toni presents tools to help your grow.


We live in a very distracted world where it gets harder every day to get other people to pay attention and take action. You’ll only cut through the noise if you understand the secret to getting people’s attention and inspiring them to care and take action, and what it is they really want to know about you


●      Building Your Celebrity Expert Brand

●      Personality Marketing

●      The New Tools for Selling In Our Cluttered On and Off Line World




Workshops - approximately 2 hours


Toni uses case studies, hollywood lessons and hilarious personal stories that will amaze and entertain you, all the while giving you the resources you need to succeed. She leverages audience participation to demonstrate change, connection and engagement. The lessons and tools can be applied immediately and your audience will leave feeling deeply inspired, empowered and equipped to tackle their professional and personal dreams.


●      ​Story-telling and Your Personal Brand

●      Why Is It You Do What You Do

●      What’s Your Story?


What makes Toni Fitzgerald unique as an international keynote speaker is that she not only speaks from the heart and connects with her audiences, but she also motivates and provides actionable, proven steps in her talks.

If you’re seeking a powerful opener or closer for your corporate conference or event, Toni’s your woman. Contact us for booking information and more.

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