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What Others Say

I always look for very specific things from speakers and their presentations. I look for:

Do they know (as in REALLY know) their stuff?

Do they know how to present it so that they truly engage an audience?

Do they do it in such a way that the audience feels, ‘WOW, I learned some great things there that I can apply right now?’ and finally

Do they do it in such a way that the audience has no concept of time passing?

Toni scores 10 on each and everyone of those points. And to top it off, she’s professional in every sense of that word.

Love to you and thank you so much again.

Paul Dunn

Author, World Renowned International Speaker

Founder and CEO, Results Corporation, ResultsNet International & B1G1

​Toni was the keynote speaker, and also conducted a workshop at our Gold Coast Health Nursing and Midwifery Summit.  The theme of the presentation was Vision, Values, Voice and Victory which fitted perfectly with the goals of the Summit.  Toni was a very engaging speaker using the story of her personal journey to exemplify what is important to each of us: human connection.  As a nursing and midwifery leader in a large organisation, the key point I took away from Toni’s presentation was that communication is not enough.  If you are like me, once you have sent out the information you think you have given people what they need. However, we have not done our job until we have connected with those we serve.  In this age of information overload people are looking for more. It is about reaching out and making that connection with each other by sharing our stories. Thank you, Toni, for this very valuable lesson and for a wonderful session, the time flew by.
Dr Anita Bamford-Wade, Professor of Nursing & Midwifery, Gold Coast University Hospital

This is the second time we've had you speak and just like the first time a couple of years ago, I was glued to your every word.  Thank you so much!!
Aristocrat Gaming

On top of the great information, your presentation style is wonderful - very passionate and engaging.  Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you again soon.
Clearly Business

​I recently listened to you speak in Bundaberg at the Business Expo. When listening to you I was inspired to get back to sharing the "why" with our staff and customers. We have a staff night next week and in preparation for this I wrote a blog which I shared on our FB page yesterday. The blog has gone off! It's all about why and how we were inspired to open Alowishus Delicious. The website hits have gone through the roof, it's been one of our best performing posts with multiple shares and comments, all the things FB loves. Doing this has also reignited my passion that so easily gets lost in the day to day busyness of work and life. I just wanted to write and say thanks Toni. You've made a difference in my little vineyard. Thank you.
Tracey McPhee

​I would like to thank you for opening our eyes!   The evening at Craigieburn, you were inspiring in every way. Feminine, beautiful  and obviously a powerful businesswoman enjoying her success. I congratulate you. You were wonderful  and managed to inspire us all. Much gratitude.
Margaret Cloonan


Thank you so much again for your part in making our conference such a big success.  The feedback has been fantastic and everybody seemed to take away some practical tips that they felt could be implemented in their own lives and careers which was one of the main objectives of the evening.  We are also going to look into what we can do to advise clients and provide solutions to address the gender cultural imbalance in organisations. It was a pleasure spending time with you and hearing how you have achieved the successes you have.  Thank you for sharing your experiences.
Hudson Highland Group

Our September Event with Toni Fitzgerald was exceptional. The presentation was professional and the content validated by statistics. Her examples had measured outcomes. The subject was Reputation Marketing and many members are still talking about it today. Some have already implemented Toni’s recommendations and one of our members stated he is amazed at the outcomes.
Kurt Newman
Chair - Southern Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Industry

I am continually amazed by the calibre of people, the diverse backgrounds and contributions that make up the speakers at annual our conferences.  The other night was no exception with Toni Fitzgerald sharing her expertise and her stories. What Toni shared was FANTASTIC and very POWERFUL! I was so inspired by what I learnt.  Having just recently attended a $1000 per ticket, World Summit, the essence of what I learned over the 4 day event, Toni shared with us in an evening and it really does work!
Michael Kurniawan


Over the years, I have known and been associated with Toni Fitzgerald and I can attest to her professional manner and genuine ability to add value to any business.  When you meet Toni you immediately get, "This lady knows her stuff!".
Having had a wonderfully eclectic background and career in Media, both behind and in front of the camera or microphone, retail property marketing experience, being a highly regarded  public relations practitioner, and e-marketing and social media expert, enables Toni to engage with people from all walks of life. From the high end professional world right down to the 'mum and dad' business world, Toni is relate-able and knowledgeable while always understanding and appreciating the nuances of both.


Recently, I had an opportunity to engage a guest speaker for one of our business partner forums and given the topic of interest, I had no hesitation in calling on Toni Fitzgerald.  A great speaker, entertaining, humble, professional and most of all, she delivered on topic an interesting and useful presentation that was extremely well received by the attendees.
Comments like, "Wow, I just realised how much I didn't know about this topic", "I am going straight back to make some strategic changes to my business", "What a wealth of knowledge".   I also have to say how hollow my own knowledge is on the topic, but no more, and this is the solid, practical. down to earth impact Toni has on audiences and clients.

Toni is not just an inspiring motivational speaker, but she shares business knowledge and actionable steps to help you achieve your goals.   You will not regret the investment you make in this, neither will your business or your employees!
Richard Coller, General Manager
Sydney Campus, SP Jain School of Global Management

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your presentation. It was a very professional and stimulating morning and I was impressed with your content and presentation skills - the time just flew !!!    As a follow up we were fortunate to have a workshop with you for more specific ideas for our company. WOW !  It was spot on – you are a great listener and share your deep knowledge without lecturing on “what should be done” but rather suggesting and giving examples !! The workshop was thoroughly worth every single cent.  We came out of the meeting  thoroughly stimulated and focused.
Calclear Investments


Thank you Toni for your generosity and presentation at the Liverpool Primary Principals Conference. Your keynote was inspirational. Quality education is central to all of us and as such some of the anecdotes that you shared with us made a deep connection.  We wish you all the best with your charity work in Africa. Thank you again for your message, your energy and your kindness. You were a pleasure to work with - easy going, professional and open. Warm regards
Manisha Gazula,
Principal, Cartwright Public School

The keynote presentation Toni Fitzgerald gave touched me and our team tremendously. Everyone was enthralled, you could truly hear only a pin drop. We were captivated by Toni's insights and concepts as well as by her honesty, compassion, humour and humility.  Thank you for an amazing experience.

Bank of Queensland


WOW. Thank you for inviting Toni Fitzgerald to speak at our conference. Thank you...thank you, thank you and thank you...sometimes the words 'thank you' on their own don't seem enough!   I learnt heaps from Toni's presentation last night, and the key thing I gained was Toni's mind set around being interactive and social and how to really use that in a practical way.  So thank you for choosing Toni - greats choice, high quality, top form, great value and depth, personality and shine - awesome!   Awesome.

Bouncing Olive


Toni gave a sensational presentation sharing with us her 17 awesome strategies.  Everyone in the room was fixated on her words, laughing and crying with her, and most importantly learning with her.  The feedback from our member audience and guests has been 5 star. I highly recommend you get to know Toni, as she is a human who thrives on adding value to all those that she meets.

Ivan Kaye, Chairman BBG International, and BSI Group of Companies

As we have employed you to speak nationally before, we knew we were in for a special treat, and again you more than educated and delighted us.  131 people participated and it was perceived as a highly useful and interactive workshop.  You made a strong impression on the participants, who were impressed with your knowledge.   Many of the positive comments about your presentation included: clear and well paced, passionate and dynamic, good energy and inspiring, engaging informative and entertaining, very experienced and well researched, and 100% of the participants rating your delivery of your workshop as 'good to excellent'.   Thank you for your professional work.

Department of State and Regional Development



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