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Mesmerise your audience with more than motivation...

Toni Fitzgerald shares her very personal experiences and lets her audience cry and laugh with her, as she shares the secrets she discovered and the roadmap she uncovered showing you exactly how to re-shape your life, along with your relationships with family and friends, your co-workers and clients, and more importantly: yourself. Her breakthrough is that what we believe about our values is totally back the front, and she proves it, every time.

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If you are looking for a speaker and change agent, someone remarkable, someone relatable when it comes to motivation and lifting your life, you’ve just found her.


I’ve had highs in show business and in front of the camera, and I’ve been so low I accepted leftover chicken dinner for me and my dog from a homeless man in the park.


My message is about you...the real you, the one underneath the mask you’ve created, the you wanting to break free in life, family and business.  The message is emotional, deeply relatable, instantly actionable, and it’s changing lives from those of nurses to high level CEO’s.


When you are wanting to motivate 5,000 direct sales consultants, a conference of your most customer facing team, or a boardroom of top executives and business owners I will not only inspire your audience to change, but I’ll show them how to do it step by step. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.


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Personable and Relatable.

Everyone loves Toni.  She is fun, genuine and authentic.  She has a conviction on stage that stirs people’s hearts and heads, inspiring them to change, to step up, to reach bigger.

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Paul Keating and me  3697


Toni is magical to work with, easy going, enthusiastic, fun and adaptable. She is a recognised thought-leader and a trouble maker.  She will make your team and your audience feel like they are also superstars.

I would like to thank you for opening our eyes!   The evening at Craigieburn you were inspiring in every way. Feminine, beautiful  and obviously a powerful businesswoman enjoying her success. I congratulate you. You were wonderful  and managed to inspire us all. Much gratitude.

Margaret Cloonan


Toni delights in tailoring her message about who we are and how we can change so that it impacts the specific challenges and opportunities facing your audience.

As we have employed you to speak nationally before, we knew we were in for a special treat, and again you more than educated and delighted us.  131 people participated and it was perceived as a highly useful ‘intimate’ and interactive workshop. You made a strong impression on the participants with your clear and well paced, passionate and dynamic, good energy presentation, your are inspiring, engaging informative and entertaining, very experienced and well researched, and 100% of the participants rating your delivery of your workshop as 'good to excellent'.   Thank you for your professional work.

Department of State and Regional Development

Strategies and Tools.

Your audience will be excited, motivated and empowered with tools and strategies they can immediately use to begin removing their mask, or even putting one on, and finding themselves along with their true goals and purpose.

WOW. Thank you for inviting Toni Fitzgerald to speak at our conference. Thank you...thank you, thank you and thank you...sometimes the words 'thank you' on their own don't seem enough!   I learnt heaps from Toni's presentation last night, and the key thing I gained was Toni's mind set around being interactive and social and how to really use that in a practical way. So thank you for choosing Toni - greats choice, high quality, top form, great value and depth, personality and shine - awesome!   Awesome.

Bouncing Olive

Toni has the “It” Factor.

Her message has it all whether you are looking for motivation and inspiration to actionable tools to grow your business.  Her Keynotes are more than professional with stunning presentation and visuals, and her Workshops are high energy and emotion with audience involvement featuring simple life changing ideas and concepts.

I am continually amazed by the calibre of people, the diverse backgrounds and contributions that make up the speakers at annual our conferences.

The other night was no exception with Toni Fitzgerald sharing her expertise and her stories. What Toni shared was FANTASTIC and very POWERFUL! I was so inspired by what I learnt.  Having just recently attended a $1000 per ticket, World Summit, the essence of what I learned over the 4 day event, Toni shared with us in an evening and it really does work!

Michael Kurniawan

In the Media

She is an acclaimed motivational and business speaker, has been interviewed, or written articles for every type of business and lifestyle magazine or newspaper in this country, from Belle to Small Business, from Inside Retail to BRW, and from Sun Herald and The Age to Woman’s Weekly.

"This lady knows her stuff!"  Having had a wonderfully eclectic background and career in Media, both behind and in front of the camera or microphone, enables Toni Fitzgerald to engage with people from all walks of life. Toni is relate-able and knowledgeable and a great speaker, entertaining, humble, professional and most of all, she delivers!  "Wow, I just realised how much I didn't know", "What a wealth of knowledge". Toni is not just an inspiring motivational speaker, but she shares knowledge and actionable steps to help you achieve your goals. You will not regret the investment you make in this, neither will your business or your employees!  

Richard Coller, General Manager

Sydney Campus, SP Jain School of Global Management



International Best Selling co-author of “Dare to Succeed”  with legendary Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame.  Golden Quilly Award winner and inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors, Hollywood.

Toni Fitzgerald gave a sensational presentation sharing with us her 17 awesome strategies.  Everyone in the room was fixated on her words, laughing and crying with her, and most importantly learning with her.  The feedback from our member audience and guests has been 5 star.   I highly recommend you get to know Toni, as she is a human who thrives on adding value to all those that she meets.

Ivan Kaye, Chairman BBG International, and BSI Group of Companies

Ambassador Rights of Girls Charity

The stories of her challenges across her time spent in Africa are funny, sad and inspiring all at the one time. 


This is the second time we've had you speak and just like the first time a couple of years ago, I was glued to your every word.  Thank you so much!!

Aristocrat Gaming

The keynote presentation Toni Fitzgerald gave touched me and our team tremendously. Everyone was enthralled, you could truly hear only a pin drop. We were captivated by Toni's insights and concepts as well as by her honesty, compassion, humour and humility.  Thank you for an amazing experience.

Bank of Queensland

Speaking for Home Grown and Global Companies


That’s not all

Eye Opening

Toni inspires, helping audiences regain their enthusiasm to succeed in any professional setting or personal interaction.


Her keynote events are a soul-stirring experience that will keep any audience engaged and focused.

5 Stars

Toni delivers the goods. Audiences consistently rate Toni as a five star experience and “the highlight” of the conference event.


Toni Fitzgerald is approachable, and enjoys meeting your guests at your social events. Her workshops are fun filled and she spends as much time down in the audience as on stage.


Toni would love to meet you and put on the event of the year for your audience.

To find out more contact team leader Charlie.

mail@tonifitzgerald.com    +61 2 8003 4465

Toni travels from Sydney, Australia

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